The Greedy Mouse
short bedtime story for kids this story for greedy mouse

The Greedy Mouse

The greedy mouse story is a quiet, exciting, magical story, without noisy dialogues, violent actions. The purpose of the bedtime story is to create a cozy atmosphere, get ready for bed. Everyone needs a sweet dream. Sleep is a sacrament; it requires a special attitude towards itself.

Once upon a time, he was a very greedy mouse. He ate, he ate, until his belly swelled so much that he could not make a rupee from his place!

– Why do you eat so much? the other mice called him.

– Why not eat? replied the greedy mouse. I like the food.

– One day you will be damaged by too much food, they advised him.

– Why should I be harmed? I have a very strong stomach and I easily digest whatever I eat.

One day the greedy mouse left his nest. The nest was in the basement of a house. Greedy mouse limbed carefully on the ground floor, lest any cat sees him and grab him, found a hole in a wall, entered with difficulty. It was narrow. he went ahead and, suddenly, what his eyes could see!

Found in a cellar! A cellar is full of food! Cheese, salami, smoked meats, nuts, and a lot of other things.

short bedtime story and cheese, salami, smoked meats for mouse eating
Short bedtime story or these things for mouse eating

The mouse could never have imagined such luck!

– Wow! He made. I am very lucky! I will eat with my soul! And I will not tell any mouse anything about this cellar to come and eat alone!

And he threw himself face down on the food.

He ate cheese, salami, some meat, returned to the cheese, again to the salami … From a lot of food, his belly had become round like a place.

– Good for me! he said to himself. I am very lucky. All winter I will come here to eat … And what food! The finest that exists for a mouse!

He stroked his swollen belly a little and as he looked at the cheese, he licked it once more.

“Let me take a small bite before I go,” he decided. It is so delicious that I cannot get enough of it!

Suddenly, footsteps were heard … Someone was coming to the cellar.

“I have to leave,” decided the greedy mouse. “If they catch me in here, alas! I will leave and come back at night … Too bad, I wanted to eat more, but it doesn’t matter “.

The man who was coming started unlocking the cellar door. The mouse ran to the hole, put his head inside, but … did not move! The hole was narrow and his swollen abdomen could not pass through.

He was stuck! He tried; the mouse tried but nothing happened. And the man who entered the cellar saw him and, of course, killed him …

For his greed mouse was punished. Because gluttony, not only for mice but also for humans, is a bad thing. And whoever is greedy will definitely regret bitterly …

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