The Apple Tree Short Story
the apple tree short story for kids.

The Apple Tree Short Story

It was a long and exhausting day, at the end of which Tommy threw a tantrum on his mother, not wanting to go to bed at the right time. Mom finally put him to bed, promising to tell a bedtime story. Here is the apple tree short story she told her son:

Many years ago, there was a boy named Little Tommy. He was named after his big and strong dad. Tommy thought he might not obey anyone, especially his mom.

He loved to play with knives, although he had been told many times that he could get hurt. Once, when his mom was very busy, Tommy stole one of her kitchen knives. He went out into the street, looked around in search of a target, and decided to throw a knife at his mother’s favorite apple tree.

The Apple Tree Short Story
The Apple Tree Short Story

From there, the story suddenly takes a magical turn for Little Tomm
When he started throwing the knife at the tree, the apple tree came to life:

Hey! Why are you throwing a knife at me? Didn’t your mom tell you not to play with knives? Asked Mr. Apple Tree, clearly upset with Little Tommy.

Little Tommy replied,

“I don’t care what my mom says; I’m big enough to do what I want.” He continued to throw the knife at the apple tree.

Mr. Apple tree soon became angry and swooped in, picking up Little Tommy and taking him to the Land of Trees.

“When you learn to behave well, I’ll take you home,” Mr. Apple tree warned Tommy and set him gently on the ground. Little Tommy doesn’t like it very much. He decided to be good since he didn’t know the way home. He already missed his mother and wanted to be home more than anything. As the days passed, Little Tommy met Mrs. Peach, Mr. Plum, and Mrs. Pear. He climbed their branches, jumped from them, and, in general, had a good time.

The Apple Tree Short Story
The Apple Tree Short Story

But alas, Tommy still had a very stubborn personality, and he wanted to do everything his way. Mr. Apple tree told him that Tommy never left the garden because there was a forest with evil trees all around. One day, in the end, Tommy got bored, and he wandered into the woods.

Before he knew what had happened, a huge oak tree appeared in front of him:

“You are a friend of Mr. Apple trees, aren’t you? Growled Evil Oak, bending down to grab Tommy. He carried him deep into the forest, where there were many other evil trees. Tommy was taken prisoner, knowing that Mr. Apple tree would come looking for him, and they could finally get what they wanted for a long time.

It just so happened that the evil trees were jealous that the trees living in the garden produced beautiful and tasty fruits, and they looked for a way to make them stop doing it. When Mr. Apple Tree found Little Tommy, he was forced to deal with the harmful trees – never to bear fruit again. This was the only way to free Tommy. Mr. Apple tree didn’t even think about opposing the evil trees because he loved Tommy when they spent in the garden. He agreed and took Tommy out of the woods, and returned him to bed at Tommy’s house, that night. Then he returned to the Land of Trees because he could no longer bear fruit again.

Little Tommy never forgot Mr. Apple tree about his adventures in the forest, and now, when his children do not obey, he tells them the story of his friend.

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