Snow White Short Story
Snow White Short Story

Snow White Short Story

Snow white short story is a quiet, exciting, magical story, without noisy dialogues, violent actions. The purpose of the snow-white short story is to create a cozy atmosphere, get ready for bed. Everyone needs a sweet dream. Sleep is a sacrament; it requires a special attitude towards itself.

A very long time ago, in a very distant country, lived a queen. One day like everyone else, the queen was sitting in her room working by the window. But as she looked outside in the snow, she accidentally pierced her finger. Then three drops of blood fell from her finger on the snow. The queen looked at the blood and said: “I want when my daughter is born to be white as snow, red as blood, and black as wood from my window!”

And that’s how it happened. When the queen’s daughter was born, she had snow-white skin, blood-red cheeks, and black hair like a window’s wood. That’s why they named the girl “Snow White.”

Just one day, the queen died, and the king soon married a new queen who was very beautiful and very evil and did not want anyone to be more beautiful than her. The evil queen became a magic mirror that she looked at and asked:

“Mirror, my little mirror, tell me which is the most beautiful of all women?”

And the mirror replied: “You, my queen, are the most beautiful of all!”

But as Snow White grew older, she became more and more beautiful, and as soon as she was seven years old or she was as beautiful as the queen.
Then one day, when the queen asked the mirror which is the most beautiful, the mirror answered:

“My queen, you may be wonderful, but Snow White is more beautiful than you!”

If the queen heard this, she turned pale and furious. Then she called one of her servants and said to him, “Take Snow White deep into the forest and make sure I never see her again.”

The servant obeyed and led Snow White to the forest, but at the last moment, he felt sorry for her and could not hurt her.

“I will not hurt you, little girl,” he told her and left her. Although he was sure that the wild animals of the forest would kill her, he felt good about his decision not to hurt her but to leave her to her own devices.

Snow White wandered alone in the forest and was very scared of the wild animals that lived there. As soon as the night arrived, she found a hut and went inside to rest and protect herself on her excellent luck.

Everything in the hut was clean and tidy. And the table was set with a white tablecloth, and on it were seven small plates with seven little loaves of bread and seven glasses of wine. There were also seven knives and seven forks arranged next to the leaves. Snow White also saw that in the background next to the wall, there were seven small beds.

Snow White was tired and very hungry. So he ate a piece of each loaf of bread and drank a sip of each glass of wine. Then he wanted to sleep. So she lay down on one of the beds, but it was too long, while another was too short, and so she tried all the beds until at the end the seventh was in her measure. There he lay down and fell asleep.

After a while, the owners of the hut returned. Seven dwarfs were living in the forest and digging the mountain to find gold.

Snow White Short Story
Snow White Short Story

As quickly as they entered the hut, they turned on their seven lamps and immediately saw something wrong.
The first said, “Who sat on my stool?”
The second said, “Who ate from my plate?”
The third: “who ate my bread?”
The fourth: “who used my spoon?”
The fifth said, “Who ate with my fork?”
The sixth: “who cut with my knife?”
The seventh said, “Who drank of my wine?”

Then the first one looked around and said, “Who is lying in my bed?” And then everyone noticed that someone had used their beds. The seventh, however, saw Snow White and shouted for his brothers to come and see. Then everyone took their lanterns and approached to look at Snow White. “Oh, what a beautiful little girl this is!”, Said all the dwarves and continued to look at her, taking care not to wake her. Then they decided to sleep until morning came while the seventh dwarf slept for an hour in his brothers’ beds.

The morning everyone woke up, Snow White saw the dwarves and told them what had happened to her. The good dwarves told her not to worry and that she could stay with them. So they agreed to go to work, and she would cook for them and help them with the housework.

Then the dwarves left to look for gold on the mountain. But before they left, they told Snow White to be careful and not to open up to anyone because they were afraid that the queen would find out that she was staying with them.
The queen, who believed that Snow White was dead, was now sure that she was the most beautiful and so she went to the magic mirror and asked him:
“Mirror, my little mirror, tell me which of all women is the most beautiful?”
And the mirror replied: “You, my queen, are the most beautiful in this whole country. But far away, beyond the hills, deep in the forest, where the seven dwarfs live, there lies Snow White who is much more beautiful than you. ! “

Then the queen, who knew that the mirror never lied, became very angry and realized that her servant had betrayed her and not that he had not killed Snow White.

And she decided to disguise herself as a young saleswoman and find Snow White. When he reached the dwarfs’ house, he knocked on the door and said:

“I sell beautiful things.”

Snow White, who was alone at home at the time, looked out the window and saw the older woman.

“Good morning, good lady, what do you have to sell?” asked.

“Good things, beautiful things!” replied the disguised queen, “I have cords and ribbons in all colors.”

Snow White thought: “I will let the lady in; she looks like a good lady” and unlocked the door.

“Be well,” said the young woman, “oh! How badly your corset is tied! Sit down so I can tie it nicely with one of my laces.” Snow White, not realizing that this was the evil queen, stood in front of her to tie her corset. Then the lady quickly grabbed the laces from the corset and tightened them so hard that Snow White could not breathe and fell as if she had died. “This is the end of her beauty,” said the evil queen, and left.

Snow White Short Story
Snow White Short Story

The night the seven dwarfs returned, they saw Snow-White lying on the floor and believed that she was dead. But as soon as they went to lift her body, they saw the ribbon that was tightening it and understood what had happened. They quickly cut the corset’s laces, and immediately Snow White began to breathe and soon found her color again.

The seven dwarfs said to Snow White: “The lady you saw was the evil queen, so from now on, be careful and do not open up to anyone while we are away.”

When the queen returned home, she asked her mirror again which one is the most beautiful, and the mirror was also answered by Snow White!
The queen realized that Snow White was still alive, and she became furious. So she disguised herself again, but differently from the last time, took a poisoned comb with her, and went back to the dwarves’ house.

When he arrived, he knocked and said, “I am selling beautiful things.”
But Snow White, standing at the window, replied: “I do not open to anyone.”
Then the queen said: “You do not need to open my good girl, just look at what nice scallops I sell” and gave the poisoned scallop to Snow White from the window.

The comb was so beautiful that the girl decided to put it in her hair to try it.
But as soon as the scallop touched her head, the poison that was too strong threw her down unconscious. “Stay down there,” said the queen, and left.
Luckily for Snow White, the dwarves returned home earlier that night, and as soon as they saw the girl unconscious, they realized what had happened.
They soon found the poisoned scallop, and as soon as they took it out, Snow White came together and told them everything that had happened.

Then the dwarves once again warned Snow White not to open to anyone when they are missing.

In the meantime, the queen went to her house and immediately asked her to mirror the same question. When the mirror answered again that the most beautiful is Snow White, the queen began to tremble with rage and said: “Snow White will die even if it costs me my life.”

Then he took an apple, went to a secret room of the palace, and put poison in the apple. The apple looked very lovely and tasty from the outside, but whoever tasted it would die immediately when she disguised herself as a peasant woman and went back to the dwarves’ house.

As quickly as she knocked on the door, Snow White pulled her head out of the window and said, “The good dwarves advised me not to open it to anyone.” “Do as you wish,” said the woman, “but take this nice apple, I will give it to you as a gift.” “No, I do not want it,” said Snow White. But the wicked queen said to her: “Foolish girl! What are you afraid of? Is she poisoned? Come on, you will eat on one side and I on the other.”

But the apple was made so that one side was poisoned while the other was not! Snow White, who had been tempted to try the apple because it looked so delicious, as soon as she saw the woman eating on one side, could not hold back and bit her on the other side.

As soon as he bit the apple, it fell and looked like it was dead. “This time or nothing will save you,” said the queen, and returned home.

Then she asked her mirror again which one is the most beautiful and finally her mirror answered:

“You, my queen, are very beautiful of all,” and then the evil queen was pleased.

When night came, the dwarves returned to their home and found Snow White lying on the floor. He was not breathing at all, and they were afraid he was dead. They picked her up, combed her hair, washed her face with wine and water but could not do her any good.

Then they laid her on a bed and mourned for three whole days. They thought of burying her, but her cheeks were still red, and her face looked like when she was alive.

Then they said, “We will never bury her in the cold ground.”

So they put her in a glass box so they could see her and wrote in gold letters her name and that she was the daughter of a king. Then they placed the package on a hill, and every day, they sat there one by one to watch it. The birds also came to mourn Snow White. First of all, came an owl, then a crow, and last a dove.

So Snow White lay down for many years and looked like she was sleeping because her skin was still white like snow, her cheeks red, and her hair black.

One day a prince arrived at the dwarves’ house. He saw the box with the girl inside and read from the outside the golden letters that said that she was called Snow White and that she was the king’s daughter. The prince liked Snow White very much and offered the dwarves money to take her with him. But they replied, “We will not part with it, not even for all the gold of the world.”

By and large, after realizing that the prince was good. And that he would take care of Snow White, in the end. The dwarves took pity on him and gave him the box with the girl. But the moment he went to pick up the box to take it with him, the apple fell from Snow White’s mouth, and he woke up! Then she asked, “Where am I?” And the prince replied, “You are safe with me.” Then he told her what had happened and said, “I love you more than anyone else. Come with me to my father’s palace, or you will become my wife.” Snow White agreed and went with the prince to the palace, where their wedding preparations began.

Among the wedding guests was Snow White’s old enemy, the evil queen. As she was dressed in beautiful dresses, she turned to her mirror and asked:

“Mirror, my little mirror, tell me which is the most beautiful of all?” And the mirror replied: “You, my lady, are the most beautiful here. But the most beautiful of all is the one who will marry the prince and become the new queen.”

When she heard this, the evil queen felt anger. But her jealousy and curiosity were so great that she wanted to see the bride.

As soon as he arrived at the wedding and saw that the bride was Snow White, who he thought he had killed, he burst out of her misery and died.

Snow White and the prince lived and reigned happily for many, many years!

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